PowerTune Digital Dash with GPS
$750.00 AUD$850.00 AUD Select options

PowerTune Digital Dash with GPS

$750.00 AUD$850.00 AUD

***Made To Order***

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PowerTune Digital Dash Mount

PowerTune Digital’s aluminum mounting bracket, includes fixing screws.

The ultimate display dash for your car!

The PowerTune Digital dash offers all the amazing features high-end dash’s offer for a fraction of the cost.

  • Live, real-time display of ECU data
  • Customise to your desired sensor outputs, display themes, preferred RPM and shift light settings
  • Set visual and audio warnings for temperature readings and sensor states
  • Make adjustments for speed corrections (changed wheel size, inaccurate mechanical gauges)
  • 7″ LCD display (still completely visible with direct sunlight)

Includes the following:

  • PowerTune Digital software and ECU communication protocols
  • PowerTune Digital Dash with 10HZ GPS lap timer/optional GPS speed source
  • 1-3 metre 12V to 5V 3amp vehicle wire-in power supply
  • Interface adapter to plug directly to your ECU (Excludes Apexi Power FC)
  • 12 month hardware warranty
  • GPS capable CAN bus module and GPS receiver

GPS updates nice and smooth at ten updates per second (compared with once per second on a smartphone).

GPS enables the lap-timer feature and can also be used as a source for speed readings if the vehicle’s ECU does not see speed (changed gearbox etc).

Suits the following ECUs:

  • Adaptronic
  • APEXi Power FC
  • AEM
  • ECU Masters
  • GT86/BRZ/FR-S stock ECU
  • Haltech
  • Hondata
  • Link
  • Microtech
  • MoTeC
  • Nissan 350Z / 370Z (CAN)
  • Nissan Consult (comes with $100 Nistune cable)
  • Subaru WRX (2008-2015)


(Formerly known as the ‘Track Dash’)

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 15 cm


ECU Interface

Adaptronic Modular Series Only, AEM, APEXi Power FC, ECU Masters, GT86/BRZ/FR-S stock ECU, Haltech, Hondata, Link, Microtech, MoTeC, Nissan 350Z / 370Z (CAN), Nissan Consult w/ Nistune cable, Subaru WRX (2008-2015)