Bride Euroster II Premium Seats Leather Pair
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Bride Euroster II Premium Seats Leather Pair

$5,000.00 AUD

These are discontinued and no longer available through Bride.

They are in immaculate condition, Barely been sat in.

Doesnt come with seat rails

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Condition: Used
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EUROSTER II PREMIUM is a premium comfort seat model with an ergonomic design perfect for long drives.
It uses the much-talked-about advanced protein leather for the seat material. Protein leather is a high quality synthetic leather manufactured using a unique decoding technology after powderizing silk and eggshell membrane protein with an advanced technology. Its superior moisture absorption and desorption reduces stuffiness to provide a pleasant driving environment. It also features a texture like the real leather of a high grade sofa for a smooth touch. It is perfect as a seat material for reasons such as its easy maintenance compared to real leather, its extreme superiority in terms of durability and water resistance, etc.

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Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 130 × 80 × 80 cm